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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Hydrology - Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

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PhD Theses

Lisa Kaule AQUAKLIF TP5:Impact of climate change on the behaviour of small catchments
Usman Munir Hydrological modelling of catchment systems
Taotao Lu Transport of New Environmental Pollutants in Porous Media: Micro-/nanoparticles
Katharina Blaurock (2021)Factors controlling the mobilization of DOC from a small forested headwater catchment in the Bavarian Forest National Park
Robin Kaule (2021)Einfluss multipler Stressoren auf Stickstoff, Kohlenstoff- und Eisenumsätze in der hyporheischen Zone
Joscha Opitz (2021)Modellhafte Anwendung und Weiterentwicklung eines naturnahen, passivbiolgischen Verfahrens ohne Energie- und Chemikalieneintrag zur nachhaltigen Aufbereitung kontaminierter Bergbauabwässer more...
Barbara Glaser (2020)On synergies between spatially-distributed, physically-based simulations and field observations in catchment hydrology
Stefan Durejka (2019)A multi-disciplinary approach to delineate small scale interactions and couplings between hydrology and biogeochemistry in riparian wetlands
Catharina Keim (2018)Identification, Characterization and Quantifikation of Groundwater-Lake-Interaction: A Toolbox for Sustainable Management of Regional Water Resources
Ruiwen Yan (2017)Effects of reduced sulfur speciation and nitrite on the chemolithoautotrophic pyrite oxidation with nitrate
Jean-Lionel Payeur-Poirier (2016)Hydrological Dynamics of Forested Catchments as Influenced by the East Asian Summer Monsoon
Kiyong Kim (2016)Effects of Internal and External Processes on Water Quality and the Composition of Bottom Sediments in a Reservoir under Monsoon Climate
Zhiguo Yu (2015)Dissolved organic matter, iron and sulfur biogeochemistry in aquifers

Studying the biogeochemistry of DOM, iron, and sulfur in anoxic aquifers with fluorescence spectroscopy and stable isotope tools more...
Moli Wan (2015)The Interaction between ferric hydroxides and dissolved sulfide in anoxic aquifers: Pathway and Kinetics of iron and sulfur products formation
Sabine Thüns (2014)Application of the peat archive as tool in environmental chemistry
Uwe Kunkel (2014)Meeting the Challenges of Quantifying the Elimination Processes of Pharmaceuticals in Rivers
Svenja Bartsch (2013)Monsoonal affected dynamics of nitrate and dissolved organic carbon in a mountainous catchment under intensive land-use
Sven Frei (2012)Interactions between hydrology and biogeochemistry within riparian wetlands.
Martin Back (2012)Mineral Sequestration of CO2 by Reaction with Alkaline Residues
Cristian Estop (2012)Impact of extreme hydrological conditiones on belowground carbon cycling and redox dynamics in peat soils from a northern temperate fen
Katrin Hellige (2011)The Reactivity of Ferric (Hydr)oxides towards Dissolved Sulphide
Klaus-Holger Knorr (2008)Dynamics of soil processes under extreme meteorological boundary conditions - response of below-ground carbon, sulfur, and iron cycling in fen soils
Markus Bauer (2008)Influence of natural organic matter on the mobility of arsenic in aquatic systems, soils and sediments
Luisa Hopp (2005)Environmental fate of arsenic and chromium in a soil contaminated by wood preservatives
Winfrid Gade (2004)Kopplung der Oxidation von reduzierten Schwefelverbindungen mit der Reduktion von Ferro(hydr)oxiden
Alexandra Oberthür (2004)Aerob-thermophile Reinigung mineralölkontaminierter Abwässer
Michael Radke (2003)Aerosolgebundene Emission organischer Umweltchemikalien aus druckbelüfteten Abwasserbehandlungsbecken
Simona Regenspurg (2002)Characterisation of Schwertmannite - Geochemical Interactions with Arsenate and Chromate and Significance in Sediments of Lignite Opencast Lakes
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