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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Hydrology - Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

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Bouchra Marouane: Publications

Peer reviewed


As, K., Peiffer, S., Uhuegbue, P., Joshi, P., Kappler, A., Marouane, B., Hockmann, K.: Sulfate affinity controls phosphate sorption and the proto-transformation of schwertmannite. Chemical Geology, 653, 122043 (2024).


Marouane, B., Chen, N., Obst, M., Peiffer, S.: Competing Sorption of Se(IV) and Se(VI) on Schwertmannite. Minerals, 11(7), 764 (2021).

Marouane, B., Klug, M., As, K., Engel, J., Reichel, S., Janneck, E., Peiffer, S.: The potential of granulated schwertmannite adsorbents to remove oxyanions (SeO₃²⁻, SeO₄²⁻, MoO₄²⁻, PO₄³⁻, Sb(OH)₆⁻) from contaminated water. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 223, 106708 (2021).


Marouane, B., El Hajjaji, S., El Yadini, A., Dahchour, A.: Photolysis of chlorpyrifos in various aqueous solutions. Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review, 4(8), 239-245 (2015).


Marouane, B., Belhsain, K., Jahdi, M., El Hajjaji, S., Dahchour, A., Dousset, S., Satrallah, A.: Impact of agricultural practices on groundwater quality : Case of Gharb region- Morocco. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 5(Suppl. 1), 2151-2155 (2014).

Marouane, B., Dahchour, A., Dousset, S., El Hajjaji, S.: Monitoring of Nitrate and Pesticide Pollution in Mnasra, Morocco Soil and Groundwater. Water Environment Research, 87(6), 567-575 (2014).

Other publications


Marouane, B., Dahchour, A., Dousset, S., El Hajjaji, S.: Monitoring the Mnasra groundwater quality regarding nitrate-related pollution : Gharb region-Morocco, 2011-2012. Moroccan Journal of Chemistry, 2(4), 375-382 (2014).

El Yadini, A., Marouane, B., Ahmido, A., Dunlop, P., Byrne, J., El Azzouzi, M., El Hajjaji, S.: Photolysis and photodegradation of Fenamiphos insecticide by using slurry and supported TiO2. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 4(6), 973-980 (2014).

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