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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Hydrology - Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

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M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry -
course offerings

 Study contents M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry

Module group Description
Modul Area A Air
Modul Area S Soil
Modul Area W Water
Modul Area C Chemistry and Analytics
Modul Area EB Experimental Biogeochemistry
Modul Area ISO Isotope Biogeochemistry
Modul Area M Methods
Modul Area E Elective / Internship
Modul Area T Master's Thesis


Courses offered by our department

Group Module LV Description
W Water 28416 W1  Introduction to Aquactic Geochemistry
    28417 W1  Methods in Aquatic Geochemistry
    00564 W2  Introduction to reactive transport
    00555 W2  Organic contaminants in the water cycle
    28407 W3  Biogeochemical Methods in Hydrology
M Methods 28418 M1  Symposium Global Environmental Challenges
    00921 M2  Research Modul - Environmental Chemistry Research
    00788 M3  Research Plan - Designing and Planning a Research Plan
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