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Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie - Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

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Zhiguo Yu: Publikationen

Yu, Zh; Peiffer, S; Göttlicher, J; Knorr, KH (2015): Electron Transfer Budgets and Kinetics of Abiotic Oxidation and Incorporation of Aqueous Sulfide by Dissolved Organic Matter, Environmental Science & Technology, 49(9), 5441–5449, DOI: 10.1021/es505531u
Yu, Z; Wang, Wen-xiong (2013): Influences of ambient carbon nanotubes on toxic metals accumulation in Daphnia magna, Water Research [Link]
Lin, JJ; Fu, C; Zhang, XD; Xie, K; Yu, Z (2012): Heavy Metal Contamination in the Water-Level Fluctuating Zone of the Yangtze River within Wanzhou Section, China, Biological Trace Element Research [Link]
Yu, Z; Zhou, QX (2009): Growth responses and cadmium accumulation of Mirabilis jalapa L. under interaction between cadmium and phosphorus, Journal of Hazardous Materials [Link]
Lin, JJ; Zhao, XS; Liu, D; Yu, Z (2008): The decoloration and mineralization of azo dye C.I. Acid Red 14 by sonochemical process: Rate improvement via Fenton's reactions, Journal of Hazardous Materials [Link]
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