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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Hydrology - Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

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Running Master Thesis

Maximilian HorschCan plant Radon fluxes be used to determine relative root water uptake depths in Medicago Sativa during drought
Sin ChanThe influence of suboxic condition and carbon availability on iron dynamics in the hyporheic zone of headwater stream in NE Bavaria (Mähringsbach)
Silvia DischnerThe impact of water temperature, discharge and sediment composition onto the stream metabolism
Jana SchultzTarget, Suspect and Non-Target Screening of Anthropogenic Organic Micropollutants in Soils, Groundwater and Surface Water of the Water Meadows around the Wiesent near Forchheim
Joana ListUsing Temperature and Chemistry to Determine Groundwater Discharge and Chemical Cycling at a Groundwater Dependent Wetland, Königshafen, Sylt
Anna Christine PudelkoStudying the Release Rates, Release Mechanism and long-time Burial of Phosphorous in the Sediment of three Lakes in the Franconian Lake District
Christina PresserUntersuchungen zur hydrologischen Bilanzrechnung für die Wässerwiesen im Wiesenttal
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