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UPERflux is an add-on to FINIFLUX that allows up-scaling of nitrate mass-loss in the hyporheic zone to catchment/reach scales using data from FINIFLUX. It is a matlab script at the moment, so you will need matlab to run it as well as the symbolic tool box (although the script can be modified to run without the symbolic tool box, it is just used for plotting towards the end of the script). To use the script it needs to be copied into slave 1 once FINIFLUX is finished. You will also need to create two extra files for the model. The first is called nitrate_cin.dat and needs to contain the nitrate concentrations measured for each reach, and the other is distribution.dat which selects the residence time distribution used by FINIFLUX, which can be either power law or exponential. At the moment the online version of FINIFLUX only uses the exponential distribution, but FINIFLUX with power law distribution is coming soon. Therefore, at the moment distribution.dat should just have a '1' in it. 

The reaction kinetics are both Monod and first-order. The values used in UPERflux are taken from work we have been doing on the Roter Main River here in Germany and have just been published in WRR (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/wol1/doi/10.1002/2016WR018917/abstract). However these kinetic rates can be modified as needed by changing parameters

%Monod Parameters

my_max=0.682; %[g/m³/h]

K=3.224; %[g/m³]

%first order

lambda = 0.04; %[1/h]

As usual any suggestions or comments are welcome

Sven Frei and Ben Gilfedder


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